Born in 1970, Sandrine Hayat lives and works in Paris.

Sandrine Hayat’s works are full of images and meanings. Undeniably marked by the Pop Art, Sandrine enhances her paintings with creativity and materials, in which characters, great myths figures and messages rise… revealing her sight of the World as it is today, a world built by the medias and the omnipresence of consumerism…

Sandrine is continuously seeking for new techniques. It is crystal-clear that the volume of her works that are made out of materials reveals its intensity and spontaneity while showing an increased knowledge of composition.

Furthermore, her speech does not end there. Her works mix fiction and reality. These deal with a vision of the current world : medias, television, the abundance of images that overwhelm our screens and our surroundings, consumption, luxury, cult of appearance…
Sandrine Hayat is an artist of her time who knows how to show the complexity of a world where images never cease to flash past in a whirl of references with Pop culture artworks.

Spécial collections : France, USA, Lebanon, Spain, Luxembourg, Israel